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Question:. 1 #rq-1
Which of the following is not the function of NFRA
Question:. 2 #rq-2
What is the time limit for delivery of Certificates of Debentures in case of allottment of debentures
Question:. 3 #rq-3
A person can act as proxy on behalf of members _______ and holding in the aggregate not more than ten percent of the total share capital of the company carrying voting rights:
Question:. 4 #rq-4
Can the liablity of debentures Trustees be curtailed
Question:. 5 #rq-5
Identify the amount which is considered as Deposit as per provisions of Companies Act, 2013
Question:. 6 #rq-6
What happens if no auditor is appointed or re-appointed at any annual general meeting ?
Question:. 7 #rq-7
Deemed prospectus is
Question:. 8 #rq-8
As per sec 2(77) of Companies Act ,the following are Relative
Question:. 9 #rq-9
Fast Track route for Merger can be exercised by following types of Companies
Question:. 10 #rq-10
A director cannot be expected